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55″ Heat Assist Top Roller Wide Format Roll Lam. – RSC1402HWF

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Built on the platform of the RSC-1402HW 55” laminator, the RSC-1402HWF provided the added benefit of the included front feeder to compliment the included rear rewinder to ensure easy and automatic roll to roll lamination.


The RSC-1402HWF is a high quality, economically priced cold laminator with top roller heat assist capabilities specifically designed for users to easily and professionally finish wide format graphics. Built for safety and ease of use, this sturdy machine is perfect for laminating and mounting pressure-sensitive graphics up to 55” wide.
Wide Format Laminating and Mounting
• The 55” wide entry is ideal for laminating and mounting wide format graphics.
• Combine with a 54” wide format inkjet printer to provide endless finishing solutions.
• 1” Nip permits laminating and mounting on substrates up to 1” thick.
Easy to Use
• Quick Notch system for gap adjustment and auto-grip hubs allow quick and easy replacement of roll films.
• Easy to use digital controls and webbing diagram on front.
• Stylish rear remote control with long cord and foot pedal for hands-free operation.
• Included front feeder & rear wind up assembly will wind up long runs of material after laminating helping to save time and prevent damage
Versatile Laminating
• Use with pressure sensitive laminator films.
• Heat assist top roller heats up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit to improve application and make colors more vivid
• Heat helps reduce the phenomenon know as “Silvering” when using some cold lamination films.
Reliable Design
• The Heavy Duty Durable construction and requires little assembly and minimal maintenance.
• Compact design with castors for easy movement around the workshop.
• The RSC-1402HW has a 1 year manufacturer warranty for parts & labor (Rollers 6 months).
Product Specification
Model Number: RSC-1402HWF
Max. Laminating Width: 55 inch
Film Core Size: Auto Grip 3”, (2.25” optional)
Film Thickness: 1-10 mil
Drive Motor: DC geared
Warm-Up Time (min.): 10 min (top roller only)
Laminating Speed ft/min: 16.4
Adjustable Temperature: Digital up to 122 F
Mounting: Up to 1″
Take-Up System: Chain link to main motor
Transport Type: 2 roller
Speed Control: Digital (9 settings)
Reverse: Yes
Cold Lamination: Yes
Cross Cutter: Yes
Remote Control: Yes
Foot Pedal: Yes
Document Guides: Yes
Rear Wind-Up Assembly: Included
Front Feeder Assembly: Included
Liner Take Up: Yes
Unit Depth (in.): 30
Unit Width (in.): 69
Unit Height (in.): 49
Unit Weight (lbs.): 408
Crate Length (in.): 41
Crate Width (in.): 77
Crate Height (in.): 37
Crate Weight (lbs.): 634
Voltage: AC 120V / 60Hz
Consumption (Watts): 1500W
Warranty: 1 year part & labor (Rollers 6 months)

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