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Colex Sharpcut Digital Flatbed Cutter

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Colex Finishing manufactures the most versatile Flatbed Cutter, known as the Sharpcut, which serves markets requiring automatic knife cutting, creasing and routing operations. The Sharpcut includes a fixed knife, oscillating knife and router allowing the capability for a multitude of applications. Optional add-on tools are available by Colex allowing customers to customize their cutter to suit their specific needs and workflow. The Sharpcut production power and quick tool change ensures on-time delivery, even for the most complex jobs. Whether the job requires cutting sheets or rigid materials, the Sharpcut always delivers clean, smooth and accurate edge quality. The gantry’s X/Y axis movement is driven by a rack and pinion system which increases the longevity and endurance of the cutter when comparing it to a belt driven system. The rack and pinion system is powered by servo motors and requires minimum maintenance driving downs costs of owning the Sharpcut. The Z-axis is a ball screw driven mechanism also powered by a Panasonic Servo motor that guarantees high performance, accuracy and reliability. When you add up all these assets; VERATILITY + SPEED + ACCURACY + AFFORDABLE PRICE there is only one outcome you can get… The Colex Sharpcut


The Triple Interchangeable Tool Head station allows the operator the capability of changing application tools within the same job without manual intervention. Three tools are always loaded in the cutter allowing it to select the appropriate tool required for the job.


The work surface is divided into six zones for the 5’ X 10’ model. Each zone has its own vacuum pump controlled by individual electrical “on/off” buttons on the front panel. The power of the pumps is configured for most substrates used in Wide Format Printing.


The Sharpcut is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that turns your digital cutting table into a true, short-run production system. This powerful solution provides unmatched productivity by intelligently finishing your graphics with the highest accuracy and efficiency. It includes a camera system that individually adjusts your cut files to accurately match your printed graphics. With industry leading vision registration, powerful dynamic routing, an intuitive user interface and true production workflow, it is the world’s standard in finishing. It is compatible with the industry’s leading RIP and printer manufacturers. It’s means of distortion compensation enables the Colex Sharpcut Flatbed Cutter to produce error free results.



Model: 5 X 10-ft
Floor Space Required: 14 X 18-ft.
Power Requirements: 220V –Single Phase-40 amps
Weight: 1600 lbs..
Length (Inches): 140”
Width (Inches): 84”

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