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Epson S70670 Printer


We have a customer selling their 4 year old Epson S70670 Printer. This does have the updates that technically make it an S70675. Does use the Orange+ ink.  1 Owner, meticulously cleaned and maintained. Prints color, silver and white under print perfectly. Only issue is that white has some nozzles missing on head #2. White under color prints great, when doing white over color, you just need to switch to single head mode. They do have the external dryer on it, but it is not included. Will include for additional cost. Great for someone looking to move to a larger printer, needing a larger color gamut/white/silver, or someone getting into wide format printing You will need a rip as this will NOT come with a RIP. They are asking for $4,500.

If you are interested in this machine please call us at 866-922-4700.



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