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The Patriot laminator is designed to specifically address the issues associated with finishing UV, Latex and Solvent based printing technologies. With AGL’s Proprietary nip roll design and the Industries best heating system, this Laminator solves the problems associated with poor laminate adhesion and silvering. Processes include roll to sheet lamination, roll to roll lamination, mounting, pre-masking and one sided thermal laminating. The Patriot is also equipped with fully pneumatic tension control system for process repeatability and cantilevered material supply stations for easy loading of materials. The Patriot's swing up infeed table and pneumatically controlled pull roll assembly make webbing a breeze. With the heavy-duty construction and through put speeds of up to 30 fpm, the Patriot is truly a high production laminator. Optional in-line rear rotary trimmer assemblies and inflatable material supply shafts are also available to increase productivity.
Standard Features
• 8.0″ Diameter Silicone Covered Pneumatic Nip Rolls (Heated Upper Roll)
• Swing-Up Table
• Roll to Roll Lamination
• Cantilevered Supply Station Shafts
• Pneumatic Tension Control
• Six E-Stop Function Switches
• Material Working Width of 62 inches
• Swing Out Shafts for Easy Loading
• Ergonomic Front and Rear Operator Function Controls
• 10 inch Diameter Unwind/Rewind Capacity
• Silicone Covered Pull Rolls
• Removable Rear Out Feed Table with Replaceable Cutting Surface
• Production Speeds Up to 30 fpm

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