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Epson T800 Ink

Epson T800 Ink: Unleash stunning prints with next-gen pigment tech. Professional color accuracy, archival longevity, & scratch resistance. Ideal for photographers, artists, graphic designers.

Mimaki SB610 Ink 10kg


Mimaki SB610 Ink:

High-density sublimation ink dramatically improves print quality on polyesterThe ink is fixed on the polyester fabric by sublimation at high temperatures. The combination of ink and machine technologies achieves cost-effective and eco-conscious direct sublimation printing. Sublimation transfer printing is also available on polyester fabrics with vivid and clear colors. Several black inks are offered to produce subtle differences in shades of black. Mimaki has attained the "ECO PASSPORT" certification from OEKO-TEX® international association headquartered in Switzerland, via Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center, for its "Sb54/310/410/411/610/MLSb510" and "Sb320/420/MLSb520", sublimation inks.

Epson T46C Ink

Epson T46C Ink with UltraChrome DS technology delivers exceptional dye sublimation printing results. Experience vibrant and durable prints for textiles, apparel, and more with Epson's innovation in color technology. Choose Epson T46C Ink for outstanding dye sublimation performance.

Epson T741 Ink

1000 ml Capacity (6 bag option; 1 bag option)
UltraChrome Dye-Sublimation ink.
Epson UltraChrome DS ink produces an extreme color gamut with improved black density for rich blacks and better tonal transitions and gray scale; provides fast drying times.

HP 886 Printheads (R-Series & L2700 Series)


Ready to unleash the full potential of your HP R-Series & L2700? Order your HP 886 Printheads today and watch your creative vision come to life in vivid detail.

Beyond color, experience an upgrade in every print:

  • Durability meets ease: User-replaceable design minimizes downtime, keeping your R-Series & L2700 humming.
  • Eco-conscious printing: Create responsibly with odorless inks and a healthy work environment.
  • Seamless integration: Effortless performance, optimized for your R-Series & L2700 printers.

HP 886 R Series Latex Printhead

The R-Series Printer uses 8 heads. 

G0Z22A   Optimizer   Qty 2
G0Z21A   White  Qty 2
G0Z24A    Latex Printhead, used for all colors and Overcoat. Qty 4
(1 K/C, 1 LM/LC, 1 M/Y, 1 Overcoat)

HP FB250 Ink

HP FB250 Ink is the perfect choice for HP Scitex printers, ensuring outstanding print quality and performance. With 3L of ink in each cartridge, this high-quality Scitex ink is ideal for high-volume printing tasks. Whether you're creating large format prints, outdoor advertising, or signage, HP FB250 Ink delivers impressive and long-lasting results.