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Summa F3232 Flatbed Plotter


Summa F3232-31: Power Up Your Wide-Format Finishing

Experience the speed, precision, and versatility of wide-format finishing with the Summa F3232-31.

This flatbed plotter delivers remarkable efficiency, impressive cutting capabilities, and user-friendly operation, empowering you to tackle high-volume projects with confidence and ease.

From textiles and vinyl to cardboard and foam, handle diverse materials and achieve clean, intricate cuts with exceptional quality.

Summa F3220 Flatbed Plotter


Summa F3220: Powering Your Wide-Format Finishing Workflow

Experience the precision and efficiency of wide-format cutting with the Summa F3220.

This flatbed plotter delivers impressive cutting speed, diverse material handling, and user-friendly operation, empowering you to tackle high-volume projects with confidence.

From intricate textile cuts to precise signage production, achieve flawless results while maximizing your output.

Summa F1432 Flatbed Plotter


Summa F1432: Precision Cutting, Unbound Creativity

Go beyond limitations with the Summa F1432 Flatbed Cutting System.

This powerful tool delivers on material diversity, production efficiency, and user-friendly operation, empowering you to bring your creative ideas to life with confidence.

Handle delicate textiles, produce rigid signs, and prototype with intricate details – all while maximizing your output and enjoying a comfortable work experience.

Summa S2 T160 Tangential Cutter

Experience precision cutting redefined with the Summa S2 T160. This tangential cutter delivers crisp lines, fast speeds, and vibrant colors on diverse media. Ideal for signs, banners, and intricate designs, it boosts productivity and unlocks creative potential.FIND EXCELLENCE IN TANGENTIAL CUTTING The vinyl cutters of the T Series are part of Summa's top-level S Class 2 range. The T Series combines the precision of a flatbed cutter with the ease and speed of a roll-fed cutter. All of this by using our legendary True Tangential cutting head. The T Series simply cuts with more force and accuracy than any cutter in its class.

Summa S2 T140 54″ Cutter with Tangential Blade

The Summa S2 T140 redefines wide-format contour cutting.
Its True Tangential™ technology delivers exceptional accuracy, while blazing-fast speeds boost your output.Tackle diverse materials with ease thanks to multiple configuration options and powerful cutting force. Intuitive controls and automated features ensure smooth workflows.Unleash your creativity and elevate your graphics with the Summa S2 T140.

S Class 2 160 D Series 62″ Drag Knife Cutter


Elevate your cutting game with the powerful and precise S Class 2 160 D Series 62" Drag Knife Cutter (S2D160-2E).

This machine boasts high-speed cutting, expansive workspace, and advanced features like OPOS X for automated accuracy.The intuitive touchscreen interface and integrated stand streamline your workflow, while the robust construction ensures long-lasting performance.Cut intricate designs on various materials with confidence, from vinyl to cardboard, and experience professional-grade cutting efficiency.


The vinyl cutters of the D Series are part of Summa's top-level S Class 2 range. The D Series unites legendary S Class power and precision with an efficient and affordable drag knife cutting head.Boasting an astonishing array of industry-first innovations and built-in capabilities, the S2™ D Series does more than any other vinyl cutter in its class.