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Ultraflex Wallscapes Wallcovering XL

Wallscapes™ XL is a quality, durable, flexible material with a blue-back used for wallcoverings and upscale banner applications. The blue backside provides a bright white point with a wide color gamut. The material is compatible for use with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, Latex and screen printing. Wallscapes XL may be installed with commercial grade adhesives, sewn or attached with grommets. The material is available in wide widths reducing the amount of seams and installation time for finishing graphics. Available in 126” and 196” widths.

Ultraflex UltraPoplin PES S240

UltraPoplin® PES S240 is a 7.1 oz., 100% knitted polyester that is bath coated with out Universal coating. The coating technique allows for printing with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, screen printing, and Latex inks. The poplin is able to be stretched, making it ideal for expanding over frame systems and structures. UltraPoplin® PES S240 is crease and wrinkle resistant and is ideal for use with trade show graphics. Available in widths from 54” -198”.

Ultraflex UltraMesh Supreme 9oz

UltraMesh® Supreme is a 9 oz. coated, polyester scrim, mesh banner material. The material allows 25% air-flow through and is designed with slit-like holes for enhanced image quality. It is ideal for small text or close proximity viewing. UltraMesh® Supreme may be printed using eco-solvent, solvent, UV, screen printing and Latex inks on printers using mesh kits. Available in 126” and 196” widths.

Ultraflex FloorFlex Plus

FloorFlex® Plus is a printable floor vinyl suitable for UV and Latex printers. The material is engineered with a non-slip Latex backing and is ideal for indoor use such as corporate lobbies, waiting areas, foyers, tradeshow booth floor graphics, catwalks and various types of promotional events. FloorFlex may be used outdoors for short durations. Available in widths of 78″ and 124″.

Ultraflex Pole Banner Blockout-18oz

Pole Banner Blockout 18 oz. is a heavy duty blockout banner material for indoor or outdoor applications. Its uniquely woven 1000 x 1000 scrim provides strength and stability under harsh weather conditions. Pole Banner 18 oz. is designed for two-sided applications where complete opacity is required. Both sides of the material have a matte finish and are compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, screen printing, Latex and UV inks. Available in widths from 38” -196”.

Ultraflex Vulite Supreme BL 15oz

Vulite® Supreme BL is a 15 oz. high-end, back-lit substrate used for indoor or outdoor sign and billboard applications. The coating gives the material greater strength and resistance to cold and wind. The slight blue hue allows bright white lights to diffuse the scrim pattern allowing exceptional image quality. Vulite® Supreme BL has a matte finish and is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, screen printing and Latex inks. Available in widths of 126” and 196”.

Ultraflex Vulite Pro BL 15oz

Vulite® Pro BL is a 15 oz. economical, back-lit substrate used for a wide array of illuminated indoor or short-term outdoor applications. The smooth print surface has been engineered to avoid flow marks when back-lit. Vulite® Pro is available in a matte and gloss finishes and is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, screen printing, UV and Latex inks. Available in widths from 54” – 196”.

Ultraflex UltraMesh Eclipse

UltraMesh® Eclipse® is a 7.96 oz. polyester, black-backed mesh. The material is ideal for applications where complete opacity is required. UltraMesh Eclipse is UV printable and may be used for building wraps and fence graphics. Available in widths of 126” and 196”.

Ultraflex VorTex Bolero S225

VorTex™ Bolero S225 is a 6.5 oz. woven polyester fabric. The bright white fabric enriches colors, producing vivid eye-catching images. VorTex Bolero S225 may be used for a wide range of applications including light boxes, POP displays, backlit displays/frames, indoor banner displays and roll up displays. The material is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and Latex printing. VorTex Bolero S225 is fire resistant and is available in widths from 54” –126.”

122″ x 164′ UltraCanvas Backlit D280/U280

UltraCanvas® Backlit D280 is an 8.3 oz. 100% woven polyester back-lit textile. It is made from 20% recycled polyester. A unique color exaggerating technology has been incorporated into the coating, producing flawless and high quality images when back-lit. UltraCanvas Backlit D280 has an antistatic coating and less than 1% shrinkage when printed and applied. It is primarily used in UV or Dye Sublimation printing. Available in 98” and 122” widths.

Ultraflex Normandy Pro FL 13oz

Normandy® Pro FL is a premium 13 oz. banner or billboard material. The material is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, Latex, and screen printing. With 1000 x 1000 high tenacity yarn construction, this product is one of the strongest 13 oz. substrates available. Normandy Pro FL has a unique face film that produces vibrant and consistent prints and is available in matte finish. Available in widths from 98” – 196”. In widths of 80” and below, the product is called JetFlex® FL.

Ultraflex AquaFlex (63″ x 75′)

AquaFlex® is a solvent, UV, UV screen printing and Latex printable substrate designed for underwater branding and advertising for pools, ponds, water features and aquascapes. To protect inks underwater, UV liquid lamination is recommended. Once printed, AquaFlex® may be positioned easily by hand or with a pool brush with no need to drain the water. The product is engineered to lay flat and remain in position without the use of tape or adhesive. AquaFlex® is made in the USA and is recyclable. The blue backside of AquaFlex® is made from recycled industrial pool liner. AquaFlex is available in 63” wide face-out rolls.

Ultraflex SuperPrint Plus FL 13oz Matte

SuperPrint® Plus FL is a 13 oz. front-lit billboard and banner material. It is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and screen printing. The face-film provides exceptional ink receptivity and consistently prints from batch to batch. SuperPrint® Plus is available in matte and gloss finishes and is available in widths from 38” – 196”. The material also comes in 492’ rolls specifically engineered for HP Turbojet and screen-printing machines. The rolls are available in 38”, 54”, 63” widths and are wound face-out on a 3” core.

Ultraflex SuperPrint Plus Eclipse FL 13oz

SuperPrint® Plus Eclipse® FL is the black-backed version of our SuperPrint® Plus FL. The 13 oz. material is engineered for open-framed billboard systems or any application where complete opacity is required. The material is available in a matte finish. SuperPrint® Plus Eclipse® has all the features of SuperPrint® Plus including a 1000 x 1000 scrim construction which not only makes it strong but also allows the material to lay flat when tensioned around a billboard. Available in widths from 126” – 196”.

UltraFlex MultiTex S285 Canvas

MultiTex® S285 is a multi-purpose canvas made from 100% polyester spun yarn. The unique construction and coating make it an economical choice for fine art reproduction, indoor displays, wall murals and other art decor applications. MultiTex® S285 may be stretched and framed. Available in widths from 39”- 126”.

Ultraflex SuperSmooth PET Blockout 15oz

SuperSmooth™ PET Blockout is a 15 oz. smooth, scrimless, blockout banner material. This media is engineered primarily for indoor use and has a no curl formula giving it a lay-flat appearance without having to use hemming tapes. The blockout layer in SuperSmooth™ PET Blockout is made of matted PET, which allows for easier separation during the recycling process. It is best suited for double sided signs and banners that hang or are installed in banner stands. Available in widths from 38″ – 126”.