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HP Latex 2700 W Plus Printer

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Crave dazzling colors, lightning speed, and white ink magic?

The HP Latex 2700 W Plus delivers. Print breathtaking signage, vibrant vehicle wraps, and delicate canvas art on virtually any media with unmatched quality and eco-conscious innovation. Dual roll handling, superior white ink performance, and jumbo ink cartridges maximize efficiency. Elevate your business with supersized creativity and endless possibilities.

HP R2000+ Latex Flatbed Printer

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HP Latex 2700 Plus Printer

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Take Your Signage to the Next Level: HP Latex 2700 Plus (79R36AW)

The HP Latex 2700 Plus isn't just a printer; it's a creative catalyst. This wide format printer empowers you to transform ordinary spaces into vibrant masterpieces with unparalleled color, versatility, and eco-consciousness.

Dive into a kaleidoscope of possibilities:

  • Unleash breathtaking colors: HP Latex Inks, boasting a wider gamut and vibrancy, make images pop on virtually any material, from thin films to canvas.
  • Print without boundaries: Push the limits of your imagination with a printer that adapts to your needs. Create breathtaking signage, stunning décor, and anything in between.
  • Speed without compromise: Experience rapid printing speeds of up to 958 ft²/hr, conquering deadlines and boosting your productivity.
  • Sustainable brilliance: Make a responsible choice with water-based inks, low odor emissions, and UL GREENGUARD Gold certification. This printer is gentle on your workspace and the planet.
  • Seamless workflows: Enjoy effortless finishing with flexible inks and configurable overcoat options. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to smooth production.

Beyond ordinary, the HP Latex 2700 Plus sets itself apart:

  • Dual printheads: Double the nozzle density for unmatched speed and consistent, reliable performance.
  • Auto-cleaning: No more manual tinkering. The automated system keeps your printer running smoothly, maximizing uptime.
  • Intuitive interface: Even beginners can master this printer with its simple touchscreen navigation and helpful step-by-step guidance.
  • Peace of mind: Optional service plans offer proactive support, workflow control, and training, ensuring optimal performance.

Ready to redefine your signage and décor? Embrace the HP Latex 2700 Plus and unlock your unbridled creativity.

HP Latex 2700 W Printer

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HP Latex 2700 W Printer

Core features:
  • 126-in (3.2 m) maximum media width
  • Single roll up to 660 lb (300 kg)¹¹
  • Color speeds up to 1302 ft²/hr (121 m²/hr) outdoor
Differentiating features:
  • 5-liter color, 3-liter white cartridges
  • White speeds up to 581 ft²/hr (54 m²/hr)
  • Optional Jumbo Dual Roll Kit and Ink Collector Kit
  • 1-year warranty
The HP Latex 2700 W revolutionizes wide-format printing, empowering you to craft dazzling visuals with vibrant colors, lightning-fast speeds, and endless creative freedom.
Experience a 30% wider color gamut, effortless productivity, and the versatility to print on virtually any media. Embrace eco-conscious innovation with water-based inks and sustainable practices, all without sacrificing stunning results. Unleash your vision in breathtaking width and redefine what's possible with this cutting-edge printing powerhouse.

HP Stitch S1000 Dye Sublimation Printer 126″

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Superwide dye-sub production printing designed to simplify your operation High quality meets high expectations with the HP Stitch S1000 dye sublimation printer. Impress your clients with the most vivid colors and deepest blacks, thanks to our native 1200dpi printhead resolution.Automatically detect and compensate nozzles out, so you’re always ready to print and deliver the highest and most reliable image quality.Achieve more on a tight deadline with the HP Stitch S1000. Whether you're delivering jobs in a tight timeframe or printing large volumes during peak periods, you can meet deadlines easily with a productive printer that enables high quality at fast speeds even when left unattended.Save time. Operate easily with the HP Stitch S1000. Working with an industrial dye-sub printer doesn't have to be complex. Get consistent colors across your fleet and simplify your work with easy media loading and fully automated printhead maintenance.

HP Latex 2700 Printer

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The HP Latex 2700 isn't just a printer; it's a gateway to breathtaking, wide-format creativity.
Ignite your vision with a wider spectrum of colors, conquer deadlines with blazing speeds, and explore limitless possibilities on diverse media. Embrace eco-friendly innovation and professional finishing – all in one revolutionary printing powerhouse.

HP R1000+ Flatbed Printer

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Introducing the HP Latex R1000 Plus Printer (K0Q45A), a cutting-edge solution that redefines the possibilities of large-format printing.Engineered for versatility and precision, this flatbed printer is designed to meet the demands of diverse applications, delivering exceptional quality and efficiency.At the heart of the HP Latex R1000+ is the revolutionary HP Latex Technology, harnessing water-based inks to produce stunning prints with vivid colors, sharp details, and a broad color gamut.The water-based formulation ensures an eco-friendly and odorless printing experience, creating a healthier environment for operators and end-users alike.This flatbed printer excels in handling a wide range of rigid and flexible media, offering unparalleled flexibility in material choices.Whether you're printing on traditional substrates like foam boards and acrylics or exploring innovative materials, the HP Latex R1000+ accommodates various applications, including signage, displays, décor, and more. 

HP Scitex R1000 Wide-Format Printer

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HP Scitex R1000: Big Printing, Bold Possibilities

Go big and go bold with the HP Scitex R1000 (K0Q47A).

This wide-format printer delivers on versatility, quality, and sustainability, empowering you to handle diverse projects, achieve stunning results, and print responsibly.

Expand your creative horizons and boost production with this powerful printing solution.

HP L1500 Printer (126″)

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HP L1500: High-Quality Printing Made Easy

The HP Latex 1500 Printer delivers exceptional performance and affordability for your home office or small business. This reliable laser printer offers fast print speeds, sharp text and vibrant colors, and convenient features like automatic double-sided printing. All at a low cost per page, making it the perfect choice for efficient and economical printing.

HP Latex 800W Printer


HP Latex 800W: Print Vibrant on Virtually Any Surface

Target Audience: Creative professionals, sign shops, interior decorators, textile printers

Headline: Unleash your creative vision with stunning color and endless possibilities.

Key Features:

  • Dazzling Color: Wider color gamut, industry's glossiest whites, consistent color across substrates.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Prints on banners, backlits, textiles, wallpaper, and more.
  • Effortless Efficiency: Automatic maintenance, intuitive touchscreen, dual roll printing (optional).
  • Sustainable Innovation: Odorless inks, eco-conscious media, UL ECOLOGO® certified.


  • Capture attention with breathtaking visuals.
  • Expand your business offerings with diverse media compatibility.
  • Streamline workflow and boost productivity.
  • Print with a conscience, minimize environmental impact.

Call to Action: Contact us today to discover how the HP Latex 800W can elevate your printing and ignite your creativity.

HP Latex 800 Printer


HP Latex 800 Printer: Unleash Vivid Prints & Unbound Possibilities

Unmatched Speed & Quality:

  • Print stunning banners, textiles, and more at speeds up to 388 ft²/hr.
  • Achieve vibrant colors and sharp 4-pt text for professional results.
  • Enjoy a wide application range, ideal for diverse printing needs.

Eco-Conscious Printing:

  • Embrace sustainability with HP Latex technology and odorless prints.
  • Utilize recyclable materials and local HP Eco-Carton outer cartons.
  • Minimize environmental impact while maximizing printing performance.

HP Latex 630 W Print & Cut Plus

The HP Latex 630 W Print & Cut Plus Solution combines cutting-edge printing and precise cutting capabilities. With a maximum media width of up to 64 inches (1.63 meters), it’s perfect for diverse applications. Key features include cut speeds of up to 44 inches per second (1.13 meters per second) diagonally, an integrated HP Barcode system, OPOS marks, and compatibility with HP FlexiPRINT and CUT RIP. Achieve indoor quality speeds of up to 150 ft²/hr (14 m²/hr) with this versatile solution.

HP Latex 700W Printer


Price Reflects HP LOI Promotion. 

Win high-value jobs, equipped with white ink, and sharpen your sustainability edge with HP Latex

Unmatched versatility with vivid colors & dazzling white: incorporating the latest generation of HP Latex inks, and the whitest white ink available on the market with no yellowing over time.

  • 64" Large format latex printer
  • Produce high value jobs with pure white ink
  • Fast saturated color up to 334 ft2/hr
  • Fast & easy spindle-less media loading

HP Latex 630 Print & Cut Plus


Price reflects the current HP LOI Promotion. 

The HP Latex 630 Print & Cut Plus Solution offers outstanding quality and a seamless print and cut workflow. With a maximum media width of up to 64 inches (1.63 meters), it’s designed for versatility. Key features include cut speeds of up to 44 inches per second (1.13 meters per second) diagonally, an integrated HP Barcode system, OPOS marks, and compatibility with HP FlexiPRINT and CUT RIP. Achieve indoor quality speeds of up to 150 ft²/hr (14 m²/hr) with this powerful solution.