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Continental Graphix FoilWalk

FoilWalk is a highly textured, printable, adhesive-backed coated aluminum designs for short- to medium-term exterior applications.  Create high impact graphics in a wide variety of exterior environments from pool decks to parade routes – no lamination required. FoilWalk can be applied to asphalt, cement and untreated stone, pavement and many more surfaces.

FoilWalk is highly conformable – ideal for rough surfaces. Easy to install with a stiff bristled brush – no heat gun needed, allowing you to created a painted-on appearance over variety of surfaces.

Continental Graphix PanoRama Film8020

A PVC-free, non-adhesive, interior mount, perforated window film. Use with panoRama Tape for an easy self-install window graphic. No adhesive makes panoRama Film8020 a great solution for a wide variety of applications.
Available in an 80/20 film/open ratio.

48″ x 100′ FoilScape Smooth Aluminum PSA Film

A smooth, printable, adhesive-backed, coated
aluminum designed for short- to medium-term
exterior applications.
This high performance conformable print media
offers brilliant print quality and ease of installation
— no heat required.

Continental Graphix panoRama 1520/1530/1540/1550

  • Premium Material Provides Long-Term Durability
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability
  • Excellent Removability after Long-Term Installation
  • Laminate with panoRama Cast or panoRama Protect for Maximum Protection and Durability

  • Retail Windows
  • Building Wraps
  • Rear & Side Bus or Train Windows
  • Rear & Side Vehicle Windows
  • Long-Term Exterior Applications

Continental Graphix CourtWrap

An ultra-removable polypropylene film with a proprietary repositionable, washable, reusable adhesive. Use with matched-component CW Protect laminate for a complete floor graphic solution especially designed for smooth athletic
playing surfaces. Available in 54" x 100'.

Frequently purchased with CourtWrap Protect

54″ x 100′ PanoRama Green 60/40

A PVC-free, self-adhesive, perforated, one-way vision window film especially developed for longterm applications. 100% PET face film offers a recyclable alternative to standard PVC perforated window film and offers excellent dimensional stability and longevity. Available in a 60/40 film/open ratio.

Continental Graphix 54” x 100′ Innova Ice Cold Install Perf 60/40

An exclusive outside mount perforated window film
designed especially for cold weather and difficult
applications. Specialty adhesive is formulated for extreme
temperature resistance.
Available in a 60/40 film/open ratio.

Continental Graphix panoRama Clear 7030/8020

A clear, inside mount, self-adhesive perforated window film. Especially designed for interior applications where city ordinances, tenant agreements, or inclement weather prevent exterior mount window signage. Available in 80/20 and 70/30 film/open ratios.

54″ x 100′ Continental Graphix PanoRama White8020

panoRama White8020
A specialty, self-adhesive, perforated film for
unique applications. Available in an 80/20 film/open ratio. 

Continental Graphix FatFloor

Clear textured printable PVC designed for medium- to long-term floor and wall applications. Provides affordable, enduring protection for wall and floor graphics in high-traffic areas. Safe for almost any surface, FatFloor has no adhesive, making it a versatile material choice for a wide variety of applications. Communicate a vibrant, impactful impression in one step with a durable, long-lasting finish.

Continental Graphix UltraProtection Laminate

A textured PVC laminate designed for medium-to long-term graphics protection. Add robust durability, resiliance, and protection to any graphics. The glossy textured surface is slip resistant — ideal for use in busy environments to build brand awareness or communicate your message. Available in 54" x 50'.

Continental Graphix panRama INNOVA20/30/40/50

A self-adhesive, outside mount, perforated one-way vision window film for short- to medium-term applications.
Offers incredible quality and affordability for a wide variety of applications. Available in 80/20, 70/30, 60/40, and 50/50 film/open ratios.

Continental Graphix iTacGreen / iTacGreen Plus

A multi-layered cast, polypropylene film featuring
a proprietary long-term removable, washable,
reusable adhesive. Great for any smooth surface, and can be laminated with ProtectWalk to create reusable floor graphics.
iTacGreen and iTacGreen Plus are a sustainable
alternative to PVC films.

Continental Graphix iTac Clear / Clear Plus

iTac Clear is an optically clear PET film backed with a proprietary adhesive for interior and exterior applications on a variety of smooth surfaces. Universally printable with eco-solvent, solvent, UV and latex ink, your messaging and branding will pop with crisp color on glass, stainless steel, and other smooth surfaces.

The unique adhesive technology supports both a wet or dry installation for flawless graphics and long-term removability without leaving behind residue.