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MACmark Glass Décor 700

60" x 164'

MACal Glass Décor 700 series are translucent vinyl films for decoration of glass windows, mirrors or doors for an etched, frosted or sandblasted look. Use Glass Décor for privacy offices and meeting rooms. If you want a printed graphic, use the Bfree Window Graphics products.

Mactac MACmark 9700 PRO Translucent

48" x 164'MACal 9700 Pro™ translucent films provide high quality results for lightbox applications, allowing to create signs that stand out from the crowd with memorizing visual impact at any time of the day or night.These soft films are translucent when backlit - for truly vibrant colours - and opaque during daytime so that the signage continues to look good and colorful. High performance from start to finish includes uniform colour reproduction - and you can choose from 31 different colours plus two light diffusion films.A durable permanent acrylic adhesive also ensures very good wet-out for extra clarity. MACal 9700 Pro™ Series is suitable up to 7 years outdoor applications*.