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HP 886 R Series Latex Printhead

The R-Series Printer uses 8 heads. G0Z22A   Optimizer   Qty 2 G0Z21A   White  Qty 2 G0Z24A    Latex Printhead, used for all colors and Overcoat. Qty 4 (1 K/C, 1 LM/LC, 1 M/Y, 1 Overcoat)

HP 871A Latex Ink Cartridge 3L

HP 871A Ink Cartridge, (3 liter)

HP 881 Latex Ink Cartridge 5L

HP 881A Ink Cartridge, (5 liter)

HP 882 R Series Latex Ink 5L

HP 882 Ink Cartridge, (5 liter)

HP 873 Latex Ink Cartridge 3L

HP 873 3-liter; Latex Ink Cartridge

HP 872 R Series Latex Ink 3L

HP 872 Ink Cartridge, (3 liter)

HP 3X0 Maintenace Kit

Ensure optimum print quality and worker efficiency with HP printer maintenance kits.

HP Latex 300/500 Ink Collector Foams Kit

Replaceable foams used with the ink collector in the Textile Kit Accessory.

HP 831/871 Maintenance Cartridge

Grow further—achieve high image quality and consistency on a wide substrate range and expand your outdoor and indoor application offering. Maintain efficient operation with easy, productive printing. Recycle HP 831 Latex Printheads.[2]

HP 832 Latex Ink Cartridge 1L

HP 832 Ink Cartridge, (1 liter)