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NLC 10mil Gloss Thermal Laminate

10mil Gloss Low-melt Thermal Laminate

Arlon DPF 9000

DPF 9000 Satin

DPF 9000 is a satin white, engineered vinyl with a medium initial tack, permanent adhesive. This digital film for solvent-based printers is recommended for applications where the graphic is exposed to high heat, solvents or petrochemical-based products such as gas pump skirts and vehicle wraps. Its lay-flat, polycoated liner makes printing with solvent-based inks and wet applications even easier. The film features superior scratch and abrasion resistance and good dimensional stability with a durability rating of 7 years unprinted. 

NLC 3mil Matte Thermal Laminate

3 Mil Matte Low Melt Thermal Laminate

NLC 5mil Gloss Thermal Laminate

5mil Gloss Lo-Melt Thermal Laminate

Mactac PERMACOLOR TL2000 High Gloss

Permacolor thermal overlaminating films are high quality, low temperature, heat activated films designed for the overlamination and encapsulation of graphic images. Permacolor protects the image from harmful ultra-violet (UV) light, moisture, dirt, oils and other potential contaminants. The use of Permacolor on one or two sides lends body to the image for easier handling and display. TL2000 Series is a family of clear, glossy PET films with a heat activated, polymeric adhesive on one side. The use of TL2000 lends depth and vibrancy to underlying images. Stiffness of the laminated image will vary with the Permacolor thickness selected as well as whether or not it is used on both sides. The thicker products provide maximum protection.

NLC 3mil Gloss Thermal Laminate

3mil Gloss Lo-Melt Thermal Laminate

NLC 3mil Satin Thermal Laminate

3mil Satin Low-Melt Thermal Laminate