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Spectrophotometer Sensor Assembly

Spectrophotometer Sensor Assembly  

Fiber Optics Trailing Cable


Fiber Optics Trailing Cable

Impelling Encoder Strip SERV


Impelling Encoder Strip SERV

HP Scitex FB500/FB700 Trolley Assembly

Trolley Assembly (upper and lower plates)-For the Scitex FB500/FB700 printer. 

HP Latex 5×0 Service Maintenance Kit 3 (SMK3)

HP Latex 5x0 Service Maintenance Kit 3 (SMK3)

HP Latex Service Maintenance Kit #3

HP Latex Service Maintenance Kit #3 - Compatible with all models of Latex printers. Includes line sensor, front rod oiler, spit roller motor, lubrication felts, pressure sensor, plastic rear bushing, rear lubricant felts, carriage protector assembly, and curing air cleaning kit.

HP FB Scitex Service Station Shop Vac


ShopVac for the service station for the Scitex FB500/FB700 Printer. 

3 Liter C Color Ink Line Serv

3 Liter C Color Ink Line Serv

HP UV Replacement Bulb

HP UV Replacement Bulb (replacement for CH154-67091) - Compatible with the following models:
  • Designjet H35100
  • Designjet 35500
  • Designjet H45100
  • Designjet H45500
  • Scitex FB500
  • Scitex FB700
  • Scitex FB950

HP Scitex FB Main Carriage Belt (500)

Main Carriage belt (blue belt)- Includes the metal clips that attach to the belt and secure the belt to the carriage- for the Scitex FB 500  Printer. 

HP Carriage PCA Board

Carriage PCA Board for Designjet printers. 

HP Scitex FB500/FB700/FB950 Printer Cleaning Kit

HP Scitex FB950/FB500/FB700 Printer Series - Printer Cleaning Kit The specific contents of the kit are as follows:
  • Carriage fan filters (used on FB950 only) [2 ea.]
  • Service station wiper blade [1 ea.]
  • UV Lamp air filters [2 ea.]
  • Latex gloves [6 ea.]
  • Wiper rail grease packets [7 ea.]
  • Lint-free cleaning cloths [60 ea.]
  • Oiled cloth for rail lubrication [1 ea.]
  • Cotton swabs for cleaning carriage wheels [12 ea.]
  • General instructions sheet [1 ea.]

HP FB Carriage Encoder Sensor

HP FB Carriage Encoder Sensor - Compatible with the following printers:
  • ​​​​Scitex FB550
  • Scitex FB750
  • Scitex FB500
  • Scitex FB700