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222 – Clear Permanent Adhesive

6.0 mil - Matte White Semi-Rigid Vinyl; Clear Permanent Adhesive

MacTac REBEL Multi-Print Media

REBEL Multi-Print Media Designed with our customers in mind, REBEL does it all....and then some. - Printability - REBEL can be printed on multiple print platforms, including:
  • UV, UV gel and solvent screen printing
  • UV inkjet, flexo and offset printing
  • Solvent, eco-solvent, latex printing
  • Jetrion printing
  • Thermal transfer printing
- Versatility - Available in bright white, matte, and clear finishes. REBEL comes in a variety of roll sizes and widths, custom rolls and sheets available upon request. - Capability - Covered by the Mactac Open-Image Warranty to guarantee compatibility and durability. REBEL features a 90# Superflat liner. - Opacity - 99% opacity is built into REBEL 500 series high-performance facestocks, therefore eliminating pigment interference to ensure pure adhesion to the substrate. - Quality - Consistently good quality, priced with value and warranted with leading third party screen ink manufacturers.

Ultraflex AquaFlex (63″ x 75′)

AquaFlex® is a solvent, UV, UV screen printing and Latex printable substrate designed for underwater branding and advertising for pools, ponds, water features and aquascapes. To protect inks underwater, UV liquid lamination is recommended. Once printed, AquaFlex® may be positioned easily by hand or with a pool brush with no need to drain the water. The product is engineered to lay flat and remain in position without the use of tape or adhesive. AquaFlex® is made in the USA and is recyclable. The blue backside of AquaFlex® is made from recycled industrial pool liner. AquaFlex is available in 63” wide face-out rolls.

103 – Clear Permanent Adhesive

5.0 mil - Clear Polycarbonate Textured Matte Laminate

Avery MPI2105 Easy Apply

Common Applications
  • Flat and simple curves
  • Outdoor signage
  • Fleet
  • Vehicle
  • POP/Trade show
  • Window graphics

Avery MPI2105 Easy Apply RS

Common Applications
  • Flat and simple curves
  • Outdoor signage
  • Fleet
  • Vehicle
  • POP/Trade show
  • Window graphics

203OAPAE – Grey Permanent Adhesive

3.0 mil - Gloss White Opaque Vinyl; Grey Permanent Adhesive

105 – Optically Clear Solvent Permanent Adhesive

2.0 mil - High Gloss Clear Polyester Laminate - 2 yr

Arlon DPF 4500 GLX/MLX

DPF 4500GLX / MLX A bright white, gloss film with built-in opacity means that you can deliver your message with vivid graphics at the right price for your budget. Arlon’s bubble-releasing X-Scape Technology® will speed along the installation process and ensure a permanent, long-term bond to the substrate. DPF 4500GLX / MLX is a lasting, quality product with consistent print quality at an unbeatable value.

Arlon DPF 4500GX

DPF 4500GX

DPF 4500GX is an easy to install solution for your short to medium-term permanent applications. This film is available with a clear, permanent adhesive and LX (Low Profile) X-Scape Technology® which allows for easy installation and long-term bond. DPF 4500GX is the best value air-egress vinyl for every day sign applications.

Arlon DPF 4500GT / MT

DPF 4500GT / MT 

DPF 4500GT / MT is a 3-mil (75 micron) white calendered film offered in a gloss and matte finish with tinted, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Designed for indoor and outdoor promotional graphics, DPF 4500GT / MT is made of a calendered facestock with a lay-flat polycoated liner. The special light gray adhesive system is designed for opacity to directly cover existing graphics or dark substrates. DPF 4500GT / MT is rated for outdoor durability up to 5 years (unprinted). Printed durability is dependent on the ink system used.

203HTAPAE – Clear High-Tack Permanent Adhesive

3.0 mil - Gloss White Vinyl - 5yr

201HTAPAE – Clear High-Tack Permanent Adhesive

3.4 mil - Matte White Vinyl - 5yr