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116 – High-Tack Clear Permanent Adhesive

1.0 mil - Clear Polyester Removable Air Egress - 1yr
  • High-Tack Clear Permanent Adhesive 1-side / 1.5 mil Clear Liner
  • High-Tack Rem. Adhesive 1-Side / Printed 4.5 mil Clear Air Egress PET Liner

109 – Clear Solvent Permanent Adhesive

Clear Solvent Permanent Adhesive

Mactac PERMACOLOR GeminiXT Mounting Film

PERMACOLOR Gemini XT is a general purpose, double coated, aggressive rubber-based adhesive mounting film. Featuring a clear/opaque polyester carrier, self wound with a white polycoated paper liner.

Mactac PermaPrint Mounting Film

Adhesive Type: Permanent/Permanent Acrylic
Carrier: Polypropylene (PP)
Color: White

PERMACOLOR PermaPrint is a white opaque double coated mounting film, designed for back-mounting photographic and digital prints to a wide variety of substrates.

MacTac PERMACOLOR ColorTrans

PERMACOLOR ColorTrans is an optically clear face mounting or 2nd surface mounting film with a permanent acrylic adhesive on 1st side, and an acrylic removable adhesive on the field side.

106 – Optically Clear Polyester Mounting Film – 1yr

1.0 mil - Optically Clear Polyester Mounting Film - 1yr

113 – High-Tack/Low-Tack Permanent Adhesive

1.0 mil - Clear Polyester Removable (6 months) Print Mounting Film
  • High-Tack Clear Perm. Adh. 1-side
  • Low-Tack Clear Perm. Adh. 1-side

107 – White Opaque Polypropylene

1.5 mil - White Opaque Print Mounting Film - 1yr