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116 – High-Tack Clear Permanent Adhesive

1.0 mil - Clear Polyester Removable Air Egress - 1yr
  • High-Tack Clear Permanent Adhesive 1-side / 1.5 mil Clear Liner
  • High-Tack Rem. Adhesive 1-Side / Printed 4.5 mil Clear Air Egress PET Liner

109 – Clear Solvent Permanent Adhesive

Clear Solvent Permanent Adhesive

Mactac PERMACOLOR GeminiXT Mounting Film

PERMACOLOR Gemini XT is a general purpose, double coated, aggressive rubber-based adhesive mounting film. Featuring a clear/opaque polyester carrier, self wound with a white polycoated paper liner.

Mactac PermaPrint Mounting Film

Adhesive Type: Permanent/Permanent Acrylic Brand: PERMACOLOR Brand Name: PERMACOLOR Carrier: Polypropylene (PP) Color: WhitePERMACOLOR PermaPrint is a white opaque double coated mounting film, designed for back-mounting photographic and digital prints to a wide variety of substrates.

MacTac PERMACOLOR ColorTrans

PERMACOLOR ColorTrans is an optically clear face mounting or 2nd surface mounting film with a permanent acrylic adhesive on 1st side, and an acrylic removable adhesive on the field side.

106 – Optically Clear Polyester Mounting Film – 1yr

1.0 mil - Optically Clear Polyester Mounting Film - 1yr

113 – High-Tack/Low-Tack Permanent Adhesive

1.0 mil - Clear Polyester Removable (6 months) Print Mounting Film
  • High-Tack Clear Perm. Adh. 1-side
  • Low-Tack Clear Perm. Adh. 1-side

Canon Glossy Peel and Stick Repositionable Media (300gsm)

The Glossy Peel and Stick Repositionable media is a water-resistant white PVC vinyl with a removable pressure sensitive adhesive and a non-glare finish ideal for repositioning. Perfect for wall graphics, wall art, and window displays, this media produces excellent color brilliance and image definition.

Applications for this media include posters, POS signage, wall graphics, and more.

Available in the following dimensions:
  • 24" x 100' (4182V911)
  • 36" x 100' (4182V913)
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107 – White Opaque Polypropylene

1.5 mil - White Opaque Print Mounting Film - 1yr